Building a home theater involves much more than buying a big screen and some comfy chairs. If you're planning to do this exciting room renovation, here are a few reasons why you should hire a professional electrician to make your entertainment system function at its best.

Why Should an Electrician Install Your Home Theater?

1. Accurate Power Needs Assessment

A home theater uses appliances and equipment that feed on a lot of power. You may stock the room with a big-screen television, surround sound speakers, a projector, streaming players, cable box, digital recorders, and smart home devices. Perhaps you even want to install special lighting. Plugging all of them into a single circuit could overload your home's electrical system, interrupting the entertainment. An electrician can determine how much power is needed and devise a solution to add or expand circuits. Plus, they can install surge protectors to safeguard your expensive appliances. 

2. Custom Outlets


All of that equipment won't sit in one place in a home theater. A television may be mounted on one wall while speakers are placed around the room. A projector and special, dimmable lights may be installed on the ceiling. If your existing outlets aren't able to serve all of these gadgets, an electrician can install custom outlets and connections. This keeps you from having to rely on power strips and long extension cords that are not only unsightly but pose a tripping hazard. 

3. Hidden Wiring

While some of the latest home theater tech is wireless, not all of it is. You may need wires to connect speakers to a subwoofer or a television to a cable box. Like extension cords, wires are ugly and can cause a tripping injury. An electrician can organize wires and cables and hide them by discreetly drilling holes into walls, ceilings, and the floor. That way, the room will be more attractive, and home theater visitors will only see what's playing on-screen.


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