The kitchen contains three dangerous elements—water, heat, and electricity—that can create safety risks. That’s why you must take the proper steps to create a safe kitchen. Use the following do’s and don’ts to avoid hazards with your home electrical wiring in particular.


Know what outlets and circuits can handle.

Microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other kitchen appliances require a lot of power. Plugging them into the same outlets and using them simultaneously may overload the circuit, which is why you should ask an electrician about your home electrical wiring before plugging anything in. This is especially relevant in older homes that weren’t designed to handle the power needs of modern appliances.

home-electrical-wiring-pahoaAlso, ask if the outlets you have are designed to work with these appliances. Never force a plug into the wrong kind of outlet. It may lead to a spark that causes a shock, damages the appliance, or starts a fire.

Keep water away from outlets.

Electrical outlets should be at least two feet away from sinks and other water sources, so you don’t cause a shock. When remodeling, consult an electrician to ensure your home electrical wiring adheres to this rule. Also, never place pots of water or anything similar close to an outlet.


Let crumbs and debris sit.

It can be tempting to leave crumbs and food products sitting while you relax after a meal. However, those in or around an electrical outlet may ignite if there’s a spark. You don’t have to clean your entire kitchen right away; just check that no food debris or dust has built up in or around electrical outlets.

Leave cables on warm surfaces.

Don’t let the cable of a toaster, mixer, or other appliance rest over a hot stove or warm surface. The heat may damage the power cable and cause a fire. Also, never wrap power cables around hot appliances after using them; doing so can create a fire hazard in your cabinets.


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