Electrical emergencies may happen at any time, so you and your family should know what to do if you encounter any issues. Here are some safety tips to take and when to contact a residential electrician.

A Guide to Electrical Emergencies

1. Electrical Shock

Electrical shock usually results from frayed or damaged cords or wires. If you spot these issues, have a residential electrician change the cords.

If someone in your household comes into contact with a live wire, don’t touch them—doing so can pass the current to you. Instead, try to cut off the current using a non-conductive material and get them away from the source. Turn off the power to your home if you can’t separate them.

Call 911 quickly for professional assistance. If your loved one needs CPR, the operator can walk you through the steps.

2. Power Outage

When the power goes out, first check your home’s circuit breakers for any damaged wiring. If you find damage, call a residential electrician immediately. If you don’t find an issue, check if other neighbors are experiencing the problem. If they are, you’re dealing with a power outage. 

residential electricianReport it to your electric company. Then turn off all the lights and appliances since there can be voltage fluctuations when the power comes back on. Use a flashlight or candles to safely move around your house.

When the power returns, wait at least a minute before turning everything back on.

3. Electrical Fire

When an electrical fire breaks out, shut off the power source at the circuit breaker. Then put out the fire using a fire extinguisher. If you haven’t cut the power, use a Class C extinguisher. Use a Class A if the power has been cut.

Even if you manage to put out the fire, you should still call 911, so professionals can address the issue. If you can’t control the fire, exit the building immediately.

Once the fire is contained, you’ll need to call a residential electrician to figure out how the fire started and fix the damage.


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