While nearly everyone relies on electricity, few understand its inner workings like an electrician. However, with numerous misconceptions about electrical work, it can be hard to dispel the facts from the myths. Use the guide below to learn the truth behind three common myths about electrical work. 

3 Misconceptions About Electrical Workers

1. You Don't Always Need an Electrician

Many individuals forego a call to their electrician, thinking they can perform basic electrical work on their own. Unfortunately, this often results in damage and injuries. Electrical work is both intricate and dangerous, requiring years of classroom education and hands-on training.

Professional electrical contractors know how to use the tools and techniques to complete electrical repairs and comply with safety regulations. Unless you have electrical training, it’s always best to contact a professional. 

2. Unlicensed Electrical Contractors Are Options

electricianWhile an unlicensed electrical contractor might save you money in upfront expenses, they may cost you more in the long run. Unlike a licensed electrical worker, unlicensed contractors don’t have the same training or certifications.

In many cases, they may not carry insurance or worker's compensation, which may leave you liable for the cost of any damages they incur or injuries they sustain while on your property. Additionally, hiring an unlicensed contractor can make it challenging to sell your home without proof that a professional completed the work.

3. They Will Damage Your Walls

Your electrician may need to enter your walls to inspect the wiring or make repairs. However, licensed professionals often have ways of completing rewiring tasks with minimal impact.

Generally, when working with a reputable contractor, they will notify you ahead of time and let you know what to expect. They will also take care to cut only a small square that can be patched afterward.


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