The Easter holiday represents many things, including a celebration of rebirth and the spring season. It is also a time when candy for children’s Easter baskets is everywhere--at your local grocery store, retail establishment, mall, and anywhere else that sells sweets.

Rather than finding your kids’ teeth are cavity-laden during your next dentist office visit, learn how to protect their pearly whites during Easter with the following tips from Lowitz & Meier. The Cincinnati, OH-based dental care center provides the comprehensive range of services you need to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy.

Avoid the dental problems stemming from too much Easter candy:

Ensure They Are Brushing

Kids are not always fond of brushing their teeth and will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid it. Help them understand the importance of twice-daily brushing with books, coloring pages, videos, and anything else you think will help. Children need to be brushing their teeth as much if not more than they usually do when Easter candy is around every corner. The American Dental Association’s MouthHealthy Kids provides a fantastic resource for implementing the importance of brushing.

Serve Water With Candy

Dental CareWater flushes away food particles that work with mouth bacteria to form decay-causing acids. Serve water with Easter candy and encourage your kids to drink it as they eat chocolate bunnies and other sweets. Wait at least 30 minutes before instructing the children to brush their teeth to avoid brushing acids into tooth enamel.

Avoid Sticky & Hard Candies

Refrain from purchasing sticky and hard candies when shopping for Easter. Hard candies sit in the mouth longer because of the sucking action required to consume them, which gives sugar the opportunity to coat little teeth and promote decay. Purchase candies that water easily flushes from the mouth, such as chocolate.

Maintain a diligent dental care regimen throughout Easter and all year long to prevent mouths full of cavities and other dental health problems in your kids. Schedule dentist office visits every six months with Lowitz & Meier and rely on the private practice for all cosmetic and general dentistry services, including dental crowns and root canals. Call (513) 521-8900 to schedule an appointment or visit the website for a complete list of services. Like the family dentistry service on Facebook for great dental care tips.