As another Halloween rolls around, your kids are probably planning how they'll dress up and dreaming of all the candy they'll rake in. As a parent, your children's oral health and dental care are high priorities, so it can be helpful to limit how much candy they consume. Below are a few tips for accomplishing this goal and imparting good health and dental care habits.

A Dental Care Guide to Limiting Halloween Candy Consumption

1. Don't Buy It Until the Day Before

In the months leading up to Halloween, stores go crazy stocking their shelves with all the fun-size candy kids will want in their trick-or-treat buckets this year. As delicious as some of these treats look, resist the urge to buy it until the day before. This way, there's no temptation sitting around the house, and children won't dive into the candy until they've gone out and collected their own.

2. Call on the "Switch Witch"

dental careThe Switch Witch is a dental care tool because it allows your kids to switch out some of their candy for toys, games, outings, or other treats. The day after Halloween, have the kids lay out all their candy, and have them separate the candy that they don't like, don't want, or could just live without. Then, instruct them to leave that candy in a certain place, and tell them the Switch Witch will come in the night and exchange it for something else, like movie tickets. Your kids' teeth—and dental care professionals—will thank you.

3. Set Boundaries

With the candy the kids choose to keep, set boundaries around it. Let them know they are only permitted one or two pieces a day, but give them the freedom to choose which candy they want and when they have it. This gives them the feeling that they are in charge of their candy haul and aren't being told what to eat and when to eat it.


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