Whether you're looking to save money on utility bills or reduce your carbon footprint, an energy-efficient roof can help. Optimizing your roof with efficient additions and materials keeps your home comfortable and saves money. Here are several ways to improve the efficiency of residential roofing

What Are Elements of Energy-Efficient Roofing? 

1. Insulation

Insulation improves your roof's performance by blocking heat from entering the attic. Without insulation on the walls and floor of the attic, heat can spread through the lower levels of the home. As the temperature rises, the air conditioning system works harder, increasing your utility bills. Fiberglass insulation is marked with an "R-value" that denotes its thickness—the higher the number, the thicker the insulation. R-19 fiberglass insulation, which is about 6 inches thick, is common in Hawaii. Blow-in insulation is a popular alternative.


2. Radiant Barrier

Hawaii homeowners can benefit from getting a radiant barrier. Installers place this material across the roof framing to deflect heat from the sun. These barriers are measured by their emissivity, or ability to stop heat from flowing past the ceiling. Generally, homeowners should get radiant barriers that have an emissivity measurement of 0.05 or less. 

3. Ridge, Eave & Soffit Vents 

Vents are another effective tool for keeping your home cool. Installers place eave vents on the attic walls along with ridge vents along the seams of the roof. The eave vents let fresh air in, while the ridge vents draw hot air up and out of the attic. If you don't like how vents look on the exterior of your home, you can place them on the soffit—the underside of your roof overhang—for a hidden but effective solution. 

4. Roof Color 

The color of residential roofing impacts its ability to absorb sunlight. Dark colors, such as black or brown, heat up quickly. Light-colored roofs have the opposite effect, deflecting sunlight. Installing a white roof can drop your roof's surface temperature by 20 to 40 degrees. 


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