Trees are a beautiful, valuable feature for any home with a yard. If you are looking for some new greenery for your landscaping or want a nice shady spot to relax under, there are a few trees that do well in New York’s climate. When you are ready to call your tree service company for planting, consider these options.

The Best Trees to Plant in Your New York Landscape

1. Northern Red Oak

A fast-growing arbor that provides ample shade and beautiful red leaves, the Northern Red Oak can grow to about 75 feet high at full maturity with a generous canopy of almost 45 feet. This species transplants well and thrives in moist, acidic soil.

2. Autumn Blaze Maple

Descended from the red and silver maples, the Autumn Blaze Maple lives up to its name with dazzling orange and red fall leaves. Just like the red oak, this tree grows quickly and sports an impressive width of foliage. This species does well in moist soil and various lighting, from full sun to partial shade. It also thrives in urban environments and adapts to various soil conditions.

3. River Birch

The most well-known feature of the river birch is its curly bark. Although it is most at home along river banks, it fares well in any landscape and provides almost 60 feet of shade. It can also reach 70 feet in height at full maturity. They are heat- and flood-tolerant as well as disease-resistant. They don’t do well in alkaline soil, so ask your tree service team how to balance your property if you choose these.

4. White Spruce

tree serviceThe characteristics of the white spruce include a conical shape, short, stiff blue-green needles, and growth over 100 feet. Moist, well-drained soil is its preference as well as full sun to partial shade when it comes to light. The white spruce is what most people see when they think of Christmas trees.

5. Eastern Red Cedar

In its youth, the Eastern Red Cedar is narrow, but as they mature to about 40 feet, they take on a conical shape. Sturdy and able to live in dry, rocky environments, this species also produces small blue cones and can survive in acidic soil. They are durable enough to grow on limestone and withstand drought conditions.


Trees are incredibly resilient, and there’s a perfect species for your property no matter how harsh New York winters get. 4 Seasons Tree Service offers tree care to the Greater Hudson Valley region. Located in Newburgh for two decades, their tree service options keep residential and commercial properties green and lush. From tree removal to lot clearing and emergency tree service after a storm, their professional team can help. Call (845) 565-8600 for tree care offerings or visit them online.