While some factors are different for each couple, there are prevailing issues that many separating partners face. The division of property, financial support, and child care are often sources of extensive negotiations between divorce lawyers. By learning more about common complications, you can develop a strategy with your attorney ahead of time. If these situations do arise, you'll be prepared, calm, and in a better position to obtain a favorable outcome. 

What Are Common Issues That Delay Divorce Proceedings? 

1. Property Division 

Georgia is an equitable distribution state, where divorce lawyers work to divide assets between former spouses equally. All owned assets are categorized as either separate property or marital property.

Separate property usually encompasses assets that were purchased before the marriage. 

Marital property includes the home, even if only one spouse has their name on the title. Stocks and bonds, business interests, vehicles, and retirement accounts are also considered marital property. Often, personal property and home goods, like jewelry and electronics, are counted as marital property, as well.

Before meeting with your divorce lawyer, create a list of marital and separate properties, and estimate their value. The list will give the attorney a better understanding of the marital estate. In turn, they'll develop suitable settlement suggestions. 

2. Child Custody

Divorce LawyerMost often, the parents choose a 5-2-2-5 schedule. One parent will have the kids Mondays and Tuesdays, while the other has them on Wednesdays and Thursdays. The parents will alternate Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. 

However, more parents are trying a one week on, one week off arrangement for simplicity's sake. It's easier to follow and will cause fewer scheduling conflicts for the parents. 

3. Child Support

Georgia uses an "Income Shares Model" to calculate the amount of child support a parent pays. The state determines the total gross of all income sources from both parents before tax deductions. Then, the number of children is added to the worksheet, and a presumptive sum generates. If necessary, your divorce attorney will continue negotiations regarding the amount. 

4. Spousal Maintenance 

Spousal maintenance can be a contention source, even though it isn't awarded as often as before. Georgia accounts for the marriage's length and income disparity between the former couple when deciding on alimony. 

If individuals feel they're entitled to spousal maintenance, they should write out a budget of their monthly living expenses. If they can't make ends meet, the state may award alimony for a select period. 


Dissolving a marriage can be a challenging and emotionally-charged time. However, with the right divorce lawyers on your side, the process will be resolved quickly, allowing you to start fresh sooner. For nearly a century, Davidson, Hopkins and Alexander, P.C., has helped Jefferson, GA, residents obtain the new life they deserve. They'll work to negotiate a customized, beneficial, and fair divorce agreement. For more information on their practice areas, visit their website. To schedule a consultation, call them at (706) 367-5264.