No matter the size of your business, having a clear set of guidelines and standards for your employees can provide efficiency and excellent service. The best way to establish these rules is through an engaging and reliable employee handbook. Before you visit a printing service, below are answers to some of the most common questions that employers have about this material.

What You Should Know About Employee Handbooks

Why do I need an employee handbook?

An employee handbook contains all of the policies, procedures, and legal rights for your workforce. Having this information freely available to your employees will clarify your shared responsibilities. This can also protect your business legally if you must show documented proof of legal policies.

What should I include?

An employee handbook should cover topics like:

  • Company values
  • Mission statement
  • Employment information
  • Code of conduct
  • Equal employment policies
  • Disciplinary practices
  • Legal disclaimers

printing servicesProviding this information will ensure that your employees have access to any information they must know. This increases the efficiency of your business, as workers will not need to stop and ask a manager questions about their requirements.

How can a handbook appeal to my employees?

There are several effective ways to make employees notice and read the handbook without pressure. The first step is to write it in a style that’s accessible and informative, rather than dry and full of legal jargon.

Another easy way to accomplish this is to print it in color. When informational material contains different colors, it is more likely to attract attention. Readers are also more like to remember it longer than a book that only contains black and white. Remember that you’re presenting your core beliefs and practices for your employees, so make the handbook visually appealing, easy to grasp, and readily available.

How frequently will employees use it?

Printing services may ask you what weight of paper you prefer when designing the handbook. While it is tempting to think about immediate cost savings and choose less expensive, thin paper, consider how often your employees must refer to the handbook.

If your business requires detailed guidelines—such as insurance or skilled trades that have strict regulations—consider investing in heavyweight paper. This thicker material is more expensive initially, but since your employees are likely to use it daily, it must withstand regular wear.


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