Cremation has become more common in recent years, with over half of all Americans choosing this option for their loved ones or themselves after their passing. In many cases, a relative will keep the deceased's cremains in an urn, which they then display in their home. Here are a few tips for a proper and respectful display that honors the life of the one you've lost and the important role they played in your life.

How to Feature an Urn in Your Home

1. Choose the Right Room

By selecting the right room, you are putting your loved one to rest in a considerate way. While the room doesn't need to be solemn or seldom used, most people prefer to keep the container in a space that is naturally quieter. A formal living room, bedroom, or den are all popular locations. The urn might be more easily overlooked in a highly trafficked area, like a kitchen or family room.

2. Consider Your Loved One's Interests


Think about the interests and hobbies of your departed loved one to determine the best location within the room. For example, if the deceased was an avid reader, placing the receptacle on a bookshelf would be a fitting tribute. If they took particular pride in their job, a desk might be a suitable site. If they were an accomplished sportsperson, positioning their urn alongside trophies or medals or in a trophy case would be appropriate.

3. Keep It Out of Reach

The receptacle should be easily visible but not necessarily easy to touch. Most containers are made of breakable materials, like pottery, ceramic, porcelain, or even glass. You don't want to risk breakage or losing the contents of the vessel. These are particular risks in homes with young children or overly rambunctious pets. Avoid problems by instituting a "look, but don't touch" rule about the urn.


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