Whether it’s an ornate dining room table or stately bookshelf, wooden furniture adds a rich design element to any room. However, the material is susceptible to nicks, scratches, and scrapes that may require professional furniture restoration. Learn about the common types of wood damage so you can take steps to avoid them. 

3 Wooden Furniture Blemishes You Can Prevent 

1. Scratches

From dog claw marks to contact with knives, wooden furniture can sustain scratches from sharp objects. Depending on the level of impact, the scratches can be minor or deep. Even abrasive cleaning products can leave noticeable marks; repeated contact will ultimately expose the wood underneath painted surfaces.

To prevent nicks and scratches, avoid using sharp utensils on your furniture pieces. Trim your pet’s nails, and train them to not jump on tables, chairs, and other wooden items. Use cleaning products designed to provide a protective sheen without harsh chemicals that can leave scratches.

2. Cracks & Chips

furniture restorationHeavy objects that fall on a wooden piece can leave deep cracks or chips. Colliding with walls or being dragged up stairs or across floors may also create jagged areas. These types of imperfections will typically need specialized furniture restoration to fill in the damaged areas.

Use protective tarps when moving furniture. If you plan to put larger items on tables or shelves, place felt pads underneath legs and stands to prevent indentations. Avoid placing overly heavy objects on wooden furniture.

3. Discoloration

Water, grease, and bleach can alter the natural grains of wood, resulting in discoloration and stains. Direct exposure to sunlight might also lead to fading.

It’s best to test out cleaning, refinishing, or staining products on a small, hidden section to determine whether they’re safe to use. Move wooden furniture away from windows to prevent fading from sun exposure. Wipe up stains immediately so the spilled liquids won’t change the wood’s coloring.


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