After a rough storm, there may be significant debris around your home. High winds and heavy rain can distribute dirt, sand, moss, and other debris across your property, leaving patches of discoloration on your home's exterior and outdoor living spaces. Here are a few spots that may need pressure-washing after severe weather.

Which Areas of Your Property Need Post-Storm Pressure-Washing?

1. Roof

Unlike the ground around your property, your roofing and drainage system aren’t littered with dirt and other debris on a daily basis. But during a storm, gusts can pick up soil, sand, and other small particles, carrying them up to your roof. Pressure-washing will remove the leaves, twigs, seeds, and dirt that may have gathered on the top of your home so that they don’t lead to mold, mildew, algae, or plant growth.

2. Siding


Storms can also blow dirt and debris sideways. Once your home’s siding is wet with rain, it will be easy for the sediment to stick to its surface. It could even settle into the grooves between bricks or discolor brightly painted wooden siding. 

Power-washing professionals will use a safe amount of pressure to remove buildup from your home’s siding after a storm without damaging the material. That way, you can avoid green, black, or orange discoloration along your home’s exterior.

3. Hardscapes

After a storm, the dirtiest surfaces will be those nearest to the ground, such as driveways, decks, and patios. In fact, you might walk outside to find the area covered with leaves, tree branches, and patches of mud. 

If left to sit there, this debris could discolor your wood, asphalt, or concrete surfaces. It could also attract pests looking for a new place to take shelter. Once any heavy debris—like large branches—is out of the way, professional pressure-washing can clean these surfaces in a fraction of the time of other methods.


To restore the beauty of your home after a storm, reach out to The Powerwash Guys of Milford, CT. They'll use top-quality pressure-washing equipment to remove mold, mildew, algae, and dirt from the surfaces on and around your property. They know the proper settings to use to leave your home clean without causing damage to any materials. Learn more about their services on their website, or call (203) 783-0404 to schedule an appointment.