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5415 Main Dr., New Hope, AL 35760

About NHTC

Faster, Farther, Better.

Access to reliable Internet, cloud video surveillance, phone and security solutions service in New Hope, AL and surrounding areas has been made possible by NHTC. Built by the community in 1951, this telecommunications provider is committed to providing local homes and businesses with the best available Internet access, backed by exceptional customer service.

NHTC is a gig-capable provider offering Internet download and upload speeds up to 1 Gbps via a state-of-the-art fiber optic network. NHTC’s fiber network covers 100% of the service territory so all NHTC customers have access to Broadband Internet speeds over 100 times faster than those currently available in many US households.

NHTC utilizes leading-edge technology which allows NHTC customers the ability to manage their home or business network via the NHTC Wi-Fi Manager App. Customers can check the health of their network and make many corrections to their network. For issues the customer cannot fix on their own, NHTC can correct most issues remotely with no need to send a technician to the home. This ensures that any potential service interruptions are addressed as quickly as possible. NHTC proudly offers an average 2-hour response time for service issues which is mostly unheard of in the industry.

NHTC Cloud Video Surveillance (VS) is a cost-effective video surveillance solution that allows you to stream and retain video surveillance footage in an ultra-secure cloud environment. NHTC Cloud VS solutions allow you to access, view and manage live or recorded video footage and listen to recorded audio streams via a web browser or mobile device so you can monitor your home, business, or office from anywhere you have Internet access. 

NHTC has received several certifications including: ‘Gig-Capable Provider’ and ‘All-Fiber Service Provider’. These certifications exemplify NHTC’s ongoing efforts to deliver the most technologically advanced communications services to our communities.

Visit NHTC online to learn about the phone service options they offer as well as security solutions packages. You can also call the team today to learn more about your options at 256-723-4211.