Whether you own a restaurant, hotel, or office building, you must know some basic information about building maintenance, including the plumbing system. Knowing how to deal with possible issues as they arise can help increase the equipment's longevity and save you money on expensive repairs. Whether you're experiencing an emergency or need to complete routine maintenance, follow these tips to avoid the need for a plumber.


Put ice in the garbage disposal.

Grinding ice in the garbage disposal is loud, but it helps the system run more efficiently. The ice sharpens the blades, making it easier to grind soft foods with high water contents. Fruits and vegetables can also be placed in the garbage disposal, but they must be chopped into smaller pieces beforehand.

Pour boiling water down the shower drain.

plumberShower drains in hotels and gyms are at increased risks for clogging due to hair that gets caught deep in the pipes. Using chemicals to get rid of drain clogs can release toxic fumes into the air. Instead, pour boiling water down the drain monthly to break down clumps of hair and debris that are stuck to the pipes. If the clog isn't remedied, a plumber can safely dislodge it.


Flush hot water down the toilet.

Even though it's safe to pour boiling water down a shower drain, it isn't recommended for toilets. This is because the bowl is made of ceramic, which is more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than typical metal drains. Since pouring extremely hot water in the toilet could cause it to crack, it's best to clean it with a safe cleaning agent or contact a plumber to get rid of tricky clogs.

Pour cooking oil down the drain.

It can be tempting to pour used cooking oil down the drain when the stove is close to the sink. However, this often causes more harm than good. Although the oil is liquid at first, it hardens as it cools. Any hardened oil left in the drain will then become difficult to get rid of. Instead, let the oil harden on the counter and throw it in the garbage.


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