When temperatures rise during the summer, people of all ages are more likely to experience heat-related illnesses. However, seniors are particularly susceptible. To enjoy the season while staying safe, use these three home health care tips to your advantage. 

3 Tips to Prevent Heat Illness in Seniors

1. Increase Your Water Intake

As the body ages, the amount of water inside of it diminishes, as does its sense of thirst. Therefore, it’s much easier for seniors to become dehydrated during the summer. Even if you’re not feeling thirsty, carry a full bottle of water whenever you head outdoors. If you’re going outside, avoid caffeine or alcohol, as they can speed up dehydration.

2. Dress Cool

home health careWear lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen, which won’t trap heat and hold it close to the body. Since darker colors are better at absorbing the sun’s rays, opt for white and pastel garments.

To block out even more UV rays, wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses, and take an umbrella if you’ll be sitting outside for a long time.

3. Be Prepared

Before planning outdoor activities, check the weather forecast for temperature and humidity levels. If the thermometer will read over 78 degrees, you may want to change your plans.

If you can’t, remind yourself to take breaks and head inside for some air conditioning every hour. Pack some portable ice packs in your purse or cooler, and avoid vigorous exercise when the temperature is high.


If you’re interested in home health care to stay safe and healthy this summer, reach out to CareResource Hawaii of Honolulu. They offer a number of resources that help seniors maintain their quality of life, including at-home support. To learn more about their impressive staff standards, such as continuing education programs, visit the website. You can also call (808) 599-4999 to arrange for a home health care consultation.