The best way to deal with morning windshield ice is to scrape it off the old-fashioned way: using a scraper, with the defrost running. Some people try to speed up the process with various “shortcuts,” but some of these may be damaging.

If you want to avoid windshield repair, the Cincinnati, OH, experts at GlassPro, Inc. have a few tips for minimizing windshield scratches:

  • windshield repairWait to Turn On Wipers: Some people turn on their windshield wipers to assist in ice scraping, but this could actually damage the wipers themselves, and even grind dirt and ice deeper into the glass. Don’t use your wipers until all ice has been scraped and melted away.

  • Stick to Plastic When Possible: Never scrape your auto glass with anything other than plastic. Some people are tempted to use a kitchen spatula as a substitute scraper, but such materials will almost certainly damage a windshield. If you don’t have a plastic scraper on hand, an expired credit card is the next best thing.

  • Use Brass Scrapers on Tough Ice: Most metals will scratch your windshield, but there is an exception. The only time it’s safe to use metal is if you use a specially designed brass scraper for heavy ice and frost. Brass is softer than other metals but gives you the extra strength you need to deal with thicker ice layers while avoiding windshield repair.

  • Do Not Use Regular Water: Throwing hot or boiling water on your windshield may seem like a quick shortcut, but beware—it’s more like a shortcut to windshield replacement! A sudden surge of hot water could completely shatter your windshield. Cold water isn’t a good idea either, as it will rapidly freeze.

  • Use De-Icer: Regular water on its own will not help you scrape your windshield, but there are other de-icing products. Either buy them from a store, or make your own—fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol, add a dab of dish soap, and shake well. Spraying this on your auto glass will provide extra defrost power when you need it.

Glasspro, Inc. wants to remind you that you have the right to select the glass company of your choice—not your insurance company. To make an inquiry about windshield repair or car window replacement, give the Cincinnati pros a call at (513) 874-6559. More information about their services is available online.