Every type of grass has different growth patterns as well as maintenance requirements. Understanding what these are and how to provide the proper level of care will ensure that they thrive. For those living in tropical climates, such as Hawaii, seashore paspalum is a popular option. It grows close to the ground and provides a vibrant green coloring. Here’s a closer look to see why this might be the perfect addition to your landscape. 

What is Seashore Paspalum? 

seashore paspalum

Seashore paspalum is a native species to the warmer regions, which means it works well with the environment and won’t overwhelm the surrounding greenery. It requires an annual application of a low-nitrogen fertilizer and spreads with the help of rhizomes and stolons. 

Rhizomes are stem-like structures that grow underneath the soil and put out roots at regular intervals. Stolons are an above-ground version that produces an exact clone of the original grass. It does well in areas that are susceptible to high levels of salt, which makes it an ideal addition for an island home. 

What Are Its Uses? 

Due to its low growth, it’s a common choice in the agricultural industry. Animals can nibble away at it and never quite tear the roots from the ground. This will maintain consistent coverage and preserve the appearance of the farm. 

It’s also popular for golf courses, providing an even surface to balance the tees and ensure an accurate shot. Groundskeepers can mow it short with little to no damage, causing the grass to direct its nutrients toward refining the green and producing a quality texture for the game. 

For homeowners, it’s a simple way to boost curb appeal. Since the blades are so close to the ground, they won’t show wear from heavy foot traffic and will continue to produce a soft, cushiony feel. They also absorb minimal moisture, which means a low risk of slipping or falling. 

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