If you rely on your truck for work or business, you want it to run as smoothly as possible. Like any other vehicle, Freightliner and Western Star trucks require routine maintenance in order to avoid major problems. Trucks, however, are larger and typically driven for more miles at a time than most commercial vehicles. As a result, they have their own servicing schedules.

So how often should you have your Freightliner or Western Star truck serviced? Hoover Truck & Bus Centers is a truck dealership and service center in Flanders, NJ. Boasting an impressive inventory of Freighliner and Western Star trucks, they know everything there is to know about maintaining these vehicles. Below, their trucking experts explain the ideal servicing schedule for Freightliner and Western Star trucks.

Basic Service Every 15,000 Miles

Every 15,000 miles, you should visit your trusted mechanic or truck service location for basic servicing. This will include a quick inspection of your truck to ensure that your lights and brakes are functioning properly. During this time, you should also have all of your fluids refilled, including your oil and lubricant.

freightliner trucksThorough Inspections Every 30,000 Miles

At the 30,000 mile mark, you should have a thorough inspection performed. During a thorough inspection, your oil and lube will changed, as will your oil filter, air filter, and fuel filter. This is also an ideal time to perform any minor repairs to prevent future damage to your Freightliner or Western Star truck. This inspection will certify that your vehicle is up to the codes and standards of the Department of Transportation, and will usually be completed in a couple of hours.

Premium Inspections Once a Year

Once a year, your Freightliner or Western Star truck should be taken in for a full inspection. As with the other inspections, your fluids and filters will be changed and refilled, and any minor repairs will be performed. However, during this inspection, your mechanic will also check your  engine performance. A premium inspection can take upwards of 24 hours, so plan accordingly.

These intervals are a suggestion for class 8 over the road trucks.  Smaller trucks, vocational trucks or other trucks with unusual duty cycles should plan on cutting these intervals in half.  Please contact the service department for assistance in setting up your custom maintenance schedule.  Also, maintenance intervals are primarily set by the engine manufacturer.   Please refer to the engine manufacturers guides first. 

Freightliner truck repairs can be costly, so it is important to keep up with a servicing schedule to avoid any issues caused by a lack of routine maintenance. To schedule your next service appointment for your freight truck, turn to the professionals at Hoover Truck & Bus Centers. To speak with a friendly and knowledgeable service representative, call (973) 347-4210 or visit the website.