Happy holidays are best spent with your nearest and dearest — and that includes your four-legged family members. Whether you’re dressing your dog up for Halloween or giving your feline friend a box of catnip this Christmas, Family Pet Center wants to help keep your furry friends safe and healthy this holiday season.

After over four decades serving the Anderson Township, OH, community, this beloved pet center has become the go-to spot for area animal lovers to find support and supplies. They offer the highest-quality pet supplies and foods and caring dog boarding, grooming, and training. 

Keeping your pet healthy and happy is always a priority, but the holidays offer their own special challenges. Avoid holiday hazards with these tips from Family Pet Center.

Keep Sweet Treats Out Of Reach

Everybody deserves a treat now and then, and during the holidays, the human goodies are always readily available. Many favorite people treats can be toxic to pets; find an out-of-reach or lockable cupboard, so you don’t end up sharing your holiday indulgences. In particular, be greedy with your chocolate, as it can be fatal to dogs, and watch out for sugar-free products containing pet-toxic xylitol.

Deck The Halls With Pets In Mind

Pet CenterStealing kisses isn’t the only reason to place your mistletoe strategically. Mistletoe, especially its berries, can make pets sick, as can the berries of those boughs of holly. Lilies are poisonous to cats, so those with feline friends will want to choose different flowers. While poinsettias, ivy, and other holiday favorites aren’t acutely toxic, any plant your pet doesn’t consume on a regular basis can cause gastrointestinal issues; protect their tummies by keeping festive greenery out of reach.

Make It A Low Sodium Winter

Salting your sidewalk might prevent some pratfalls, but ice melting products can be hazardous to your pet’s health. While skipping the salt in icy climates might be out of the question, there are ways to keep your furry friends safe. As good as a fresh-off-the-ground snow cone might taste, don’t let your dog lap up any snow, puddles, or ice near driveways or sidewalks. Thoroughly wipe your canine’s paws after every trip outside, as ice products can irritate the pads of their feet or be ingested in a post-walk lick.

For more tips on keeping your pet happy and healthy this holiday season, rely on the experts at Anderson Township’s trusted pet center. Stop by Family Pet Center for great advice, fun holiday pet supplies, and the best dog food in town, or call (513) 231-7387 to book your canine companion a stay at their top-notch dog boarding facilities this season. To find more information on this pet center’s comprehensive services, visit their website.