For the dedicated team at Family Pet Center in Cincinnati, OH, pets are important, and as such, they are handled with skill and love every time they walk into this multipurpose pet care center. Whether you are in need of pet food or supplies, a dog obedience school, a groomer, a dog boarding facility or daycare for your dog, their experienced pet care providers can make your pet feel at home while undergoing any manner of services or treatments.

The team truly loves animals, and as such, they enjoy spreading the word when it comes to behaviors and routines that will help you and your pet bond and keep you both content. Play time with your pet is a high point in your day. Pets love to show off, and a new trick will easily induce oohs and aahs of approval from friends and neighbors. Pets enjoy many benefits from playtime, and there are three important reasons why you shouldn’t skip this ritual:

  • Physical: Obese dogs are more prone to illness. Keep your pet moving to burn off calories and keep muscles and joints flexible and youthful.
  • Mental: Play that incorporates obstacle courses stimulates your pet’s brain activity, which will help maintain brain function and reaction time over the course of your pet’s lifetime.
  • Emotional: Play time is a great way to grow your bond with your pet, especially during your early days together. Continued play over the years is the best way to stay connected and take notice of any injuries or behavioral differences your pet may have developed away from your watchful eye.

For more pet-related tips, or to inquire about a particular service, call the experts at Family Pet Center at (513) 231-7387 and remember a tired dog is a happy dog.