If you experience allergies, exposure to pollen, dust, and other airborne contaminants can make spring and summer tough to manage. These particles can also find their way into your home, leaving you without any sense of relief. Fortunately, a well-tuned HVAC system can help control airborne pollutants, allowing you to breathe easier.

How a Properly Maintained HVAC System Helps Control Allergies

1. Control Humidity

Excess humidity can create an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew—particularly in dark places, like HVAC system air ducts. This growth can contribute to a musty odor that lingers throughout your home and triggers allergies. Running the air conditioner on a regular basis helps reduce indoor humidity levels. 

However, those that reside in humid climates may benefit from the addition of a whole-home dehumidifier. Investing in regular air duct cleaning can also eliminate mold spores and other contaminants, promoting healthier and more breathable air.

2. Trap Pollutants

HVAC system

Your HVAC’s air filter plays a vital role in improving indoor air quality. This screen, which is typically located behind the main return vent, is designed to trap dust, pet dander, pollen, and other pollutants before they can circulate throughout the ducts. 

The device protects the HVAC system from excessive debris buildup around the vents, as well. As part of routine air conditioner maintenance, homeowners should put in a new filter every 90 days. However, those with allergies should replace them monthly to maximize their effectiveness.

3. Purify Air

Those who are extremely sensitive to allergens will likely benefit from integrating additional purification technology into their system. For example, you can place ultraviolet (UV) lamps near the HVAC coils to kill off mold and bacteria that often form in these areas. A whole-home air purifier can also help since it uses a HEPA filter to traps airborne particles that a standard HVAC filter might miss.


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