Your commercial HVAC system provides heating and cooling to a larger space than its residential counterpart. While it's built to meet your business's needs, the complex unit still needs maintenance throughout the year. To ensure efficiency and prevent costly repairs, consult the guide below. 

How Can You Increase the Life Span of Your Commercial HVAC Unit? 

1. Perform Routine Maintenance 

Start with a visual check to confirm the system has power. The control board shouldn't have any error codes or service lights, which may indicate the need for a professional inspection. If there are no fault indicators, change the temperature on the thermostat. As it adjusts, you should hear a clicking noise, which means that the relays are responding. 

Next, look for greasy areas around the unit, which can be a potential sign of a refrigerant leak. HVAC systems need refrigerant to reach and maintain the set temperature. When a loss of refrigerant occurs, the unit works harder to compensate. The strain wears down the components, damaging the system. With regular inspections, you'll notice leaks sooner, minimizing the impact on the HVAC system. 

2. Schedule Routine Maintenance

HVAC Services

Professional maintenance may need to be done quarterly, annually, or bi-annually depending on the unit's size. HVAC contractors will resolve minor issues before they can lead to costly repairs. 

Technicians will make sure the heat exchanger and burner don't have any cracks, improving safety. They'll also clear the condensate drain to enhance the unit's performance. Additionally, HVAC technicians will close any holes in the ductwork, benefiting indoor air quality. 

Ask your technician if their company offers a maintenance plan. By signing up, you'll have consistent maintenance appointments without the need for scheduling. Customers also benefit from discounts across all service areas and priority appointments. 

3. Change the Filter 

Over time, the HVAC system's filter will become clogged with dust and debris. The excess dirt will decrease airflow, impacting your business's indoor air quality. It increases the stress placed on the system, resulting in higher energy bills. The user manual will detail how often you should change your filter, along with its measurements. HVAC units need a specifically sized filter based on their model to fit the system and maintain indoor air quality. 


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