Whether you are welcoming a new family member or enhancing your curb appeal, home additions are a fantastic way to widen your living space. You can stretch your living room to accommodate more guests, build a new area and have it rented out to gain profit, or expand your bathroom for a more luxurious feel. But before you plunge into the project, here are some critical considerations to help you make sound decisions for your home.

Important Considerations for New Home Additions

1. Identify the Issues You Want to Resolve

Always start with an objective in mind. If your family member is coming in to live with you long-term, add a bump-out bedroom to your home to accommodate them. If your kitchen is cumbersome, consider expanding the floor space and adding extra cabinets and countertops.

If you want to extend your living area to entertain more guests, consider adding a sunroom, which will enhance your curb appeal and home value. 

2. Check for Legal Restrictions

home additionsYour contractor should be knowledgeable about building codes and other restrictions, but it would also be beneficial for you to review them as well. That way, you’ll know how far you can extend your home addition so that you can budget accordingly and have a clearer vision of what you can do before starting the project.

For example, in Golden Valley, Minnesota, a residential property housing six or fewer individuals must have a front setback 35 feet away from the front lot line, a rear setback of 25 feet, and a side setback of 15 feet. Contact the local building department of your municipal hall to ensure that your home addition is within the required limit.

3. Figure Out Your Financial Options

You have to carefully consider your budget for your home addition. Assess whether you can cover the construction costs from your assets or if you need to apply for a home improvement loan. If you need a loan for the project, check your credit score first before submitting a loan application.

The better your score, the more likely you’ll be to get the loan you need. Also, compare estimates and trust a reliable contractor that can offer you reasonable prices for high-quality work.


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