From creating more space to increasing privacy, there could be numerous reasons you want to modify home bathrooms. The ultimate goal can go a long way in determining whether you should hire a contractor for a bathroom renovation or remodeling services. To aid the decision-making process, below is a closer look at the differences between the two types of projects. 

A Bathroom Renovation Is a Redo

A bathroom renovation involves taking out existing elements and completely reimagining the space. By starting over from scratch, renovation contractors can outfit the bathroom with upgraded features while addressing other concerns, such as missing ventilation outlets or outdated plumbing and electrical wiring.

Golden-Valley-Minnesota-bathroom-renovationConsider a bathroom renovation if you want to install a new bathtub and/or shower stall, flooring, tilework, vanities, and hardware. If improving comfort and efficiency are the ultimate goals, a bathroom renovation specialist will upgrade vents for better air quality, install new plumbing fixtures to cut down on water consumption, and update lighting to keep energy bills low.

Bathroom Remodeling Involves Expanding the Layout

If you’ve run out of space or want to make interiors roomier, a bathroom remodeling contractor will come to your aid. During a bathroom remodel, technicians will move or knock out walls to completely change and expand the layout of the space.

Similar to a bathroom renovation, a remodeling project could involve new fixture installations. Contractors could also move the current fixtures to other parts of the room to help the new layout flow better.


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