Basement finishing will transform the darkest, drabbest room of your home into another vibrant and livable space. Depending on your needs and goals, finishing might involve putting in walls, ceilings, and flooring; installing plumbing and electrical fixtures; and implementing color, paint, and interior design plans. Below, discover a few benefits of a finished basement.

Why You Should Finish the Basement

1. Enjoy Additional Space

A finished basement gives you more room in the home, and the possibilities for how to use this space are practically endless. It can be a family room with a big-screen television, gaming consoles, and sectional sofas.

It can be an additional bedroom for guests or for a growing family. It can boast an extra bathroom if facilities on the upper floors are limited in number or space. It can be a place to gather friends and family, with a bar and a pool table.

It can offer more storage that keeps your things safe, onsite, and easily accessible. It can be a playroom for the little ones in the home. And depending on the size and layout of the basement, you may be able to integrate more than one of these ideas.

2. Increase Your Home's Value

basement finishingMore livable square footage in a home often means a higher resale value. Even if you're not thinking of selling any time in the near future, basement finishing is an easy way to build equity in your property.

Also, imagine how much easier it will be to show and sell a home with a finished basement; there will be no shadowy, dank cellar to turn off potential buyers.

3. Decrease Your Heating Costs

Minnesota winters can be rough, and high heating costs are often a fact of life. But cement floors and uninsulated walls in a basement make a home harder to heat, causing the furnace to work overtime to generate enough warmth.

Basement finishing typically includes insulation, subfloors and floor coverings, walls, and ceilings, all of which help the space better contain heat. Not only will you likely see a reduction in heating bills, but you'll also save excessive wear and tear—and the costs that go along with it—on the home's HVAC system.


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