When you’re trying to get ready in the morning, a cramped bathroom can add an element of frustration to your routine. However, it’s more than possible to make this space feel bigger with a few bathroom remodeling tricks. If you’re planning a renovation, keep these three space-efficient tips in mind.

How to Make a Small Bathroom Seem Bigger

1. Trade That Shower Curtain for Glass

If you’re currently bathing in a traditional shower/tub combination or shower stall, you’re probably using a clear liner and an opaque shower curtain. This setup essentially creates another wall, shrinking your bathroom further.

Instead, ditch the fabric for a frameless glass enclosure. These are completely transparent with minimal hardware—they don’t even have those thick metal frames around the edges. A glass enclosure will allow more light to bounce around your small bathroom and create the illusion of more open space.

2. Extend Your Decor Vertically

bathroom remodelingIf you’re planning on painting a new hue on your walls or adding tile to the inside of your shower, make sure that the material remains the same from the floor to the ceiling. Stopping the tile three-quarters of the way up the wall will visually shorten your bathroom, so the ceiling appears lower than it is.

Allowing it to extend up to the ceiling and removing any baseboards at the floor will lengthen the wall, expanding your bathroom space. The same goes for the mirror above the vanity—choose one that reaches all the way to the ceiling for a larger-looking space.

3. Maximize Natural Light

If your bathroom is located along an exterior wall, consider installing a window. If it’s positioned high enough, you won’t be worried about privacy, and the addition of natural light will instantly expand the space.

If you already have a window, install a skylight, so sunlight streams in like an overhead fixture during the day. You can also create the illusion of natural light by installing yellow-tinted backlighting around the vanity mirror.


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