A drop in temperature represents the exciting beginning of the holiday season, but it also affects people with delicate teeth. Tooth sensitivity can intensify in lower temperatures, making outdoor activities uncomfortable. With the help of a dentist and a few extra steps to practice at home, you won't have to miss out on any cold-weather fun. Here is a guide to how winter weather affects your teeth and what you can do. 

How Cold Weather Can Cause Tooth Pain 


For people with sensitive teeth, cold weather can be difficult. Similar to the way it may feel to bite into an ice cream cone, a drop in temperature can elicit an uncomfortable feeling. This sensation is often a sign of worn down or damaged tooth enamel, which protects the dentin at the core of your tooth and is covered in nerves. Poor dental hygiene, periodontal disease, consuming acidic foods or drinks, and grinding all contribute to the wear and tear of your enamel and increase the chance of toothaches.

However, there are other reasons you may experience discomfort in the winter. Cavities, a cracked tooth, or inflamed sinuses can cause acute pain in your teeth. Whether you are accustomed to tooth sensitivity or feeling pain for the first time, consult a dentist to ensure there isn't a serious issue that needs attention. 

How to Protect Sensitive Teeth 

Practice diligent oral care to prevent damage to the enamel and make cold weather more comfortable for delicate teeth. For instance, don't add too much force when brushing your teeth, and avoid tooth whitening products and acidic beverages such as sodas and coffee. Additionally, wear a scarf over the lips and breathe in through your nose to keep the mouth warm and insulated when stepping outside. Visit a dentist and have them apply fluoride treatments or a sealant to exposed gums. They can also fit you for a mouth guard to help protect your teeth from further damage and sensitivity.


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