Plush, colorful carpet is an ideal way to reinvent a home, but even if you’ve made your flooring material choice, you’ll still have a lot of options to cover in terms of fibers and colors. There are key factors that determine which product is best for each room. Here are some tips to help you get started with your search.

How to Pick the Right Carpets for Your Home

1. Know How Rooms Will Be Used

First, think about how you intend to use each room. Areas with moisture aren’t going to do well with carpeting. On the other hand, living rooms, playrooms, home offices, and bedrooms where you’re likely to be barefoot are perfect for carpeting. You’ll want to avoid carpeting high-traffic areas like entryways—especially if you live near the beach or in a rainy area—and opt for durable area rugs or welcome mats instead.

2. Explore Styles

carpetNot all carpets are created equal. Styles include thick plush, which is great for family rooms, or Saxony, which is made from soft piles of dense, woven fibers—perfect for the bedroom. Frieze carpets hide dirt well because of their long fiber piles, though they can also be tricky to clean. 

3. Apply Colors to Your Design Goals

Choosing colors can be the most difficult aspect of carpeting because there are so many options. First, assess your design goals. If you already have dark-colored furniture, wood fixtures, and other features in a living room, you may want to choose a light, neutral color that won’t clash.

If you’re furnishing from the ground up, consider a rich orange or mahogany to add character to a bedroom. Minimalist homes will benefit from plain white carpeting, but be aware that these are more likely to show dirt. Your best bet is to visit a supplier and collect a variety of samples. Take these home to compare in various rooms to help you make a decision.

4. Know Maintenance

Carpets require a lot of care. Typically, the standard Saxony style will need to be vacuumed once a week to preserve color and quality. Shag can be more difficult to vacuum, and non-stain-resistant products may require annual steam cleaning. Avoid long, plush fibers if you have pets because they’ll collect dander and other debris.


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