Small homes cost less to buy and are typically easier to maintain than larger ones. Unfortunately, they also tend to look more congested, which can make everyday life feel a little cramped. While you can create the illusion of space by decluttering and cleverly using mirrors, the right flooring can also help. Here’s a closer look at how to approach this aspect of your home design.

How to Enlarge Your Space With Flooring Choices

1. Use Light Colors

Lighter tones for your floors, such as white, cream, ivory, and light brown, give off an open and airy feel. Combine it with light-painted walls and furniture for added effect.

If possible, let in more natural lighting to brighten up the space and make it feel roomier. Sheer curtains and mirrors will maximize the presence of light.

2. Consider the Shape

The orientation of your flooringhardwood or laminate planks can affect how spacious the floor looks. Before you have them installed, consider the shape of the floor space.

If a room is square-shaped, short, wide planks with few seams will make the floor appear less cluttered while broadening the space. If you're dealing with a rectangular floor, choose longer planks and situate them parallel to the longest sides of the room. To amplify this effect, consider installing planks throughout adjoining rooms.

3. Strategically Apply Patterns

In general, if you want to make a small room look bigger, keep it free of excessive designs. Patterned and textured flooring, while attractive and colorful, can give off a cluttered impression.

If you prefer using patterns, though, apply them strategically. You could use vertical stripes in your wood planks or carpeting to elongate the floor space. Just remember to orient the stripes in the direction of the longest side of the room.


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