Adding a new carpet to your home carries extra challenges if you’re a cat lover. In addition to comfort and appearance, you’ll have to consider shedding and scratching when choosing carpeting. Luckily, it’s possible to achieve comfort for you and your feline family member. Here’s a closer look at the factors involved in making the right choice.

Cut vs. Looped Fibers

Even when cats don’t intend to, their claws can catch and snag on longer looped carpet fibers, pulling them loose and creating a frayed, worn appearance. Instead of looser loops, choose varied cut fibers. Since the fibers in these carpets are already cut, your cat won’t do any damage if their claws happen to snag at individual strands. Plus, with less damage done to individual fibers, your carpet will last longer while maintaining its original appearance.


carpetPile refers to the length and density of the fibers in a carpet. A low-pile carpet will have a trim, compact appearance and a thinner surface. While these tend to be more resistant to clawing and will absorb less cat hair, they’re also less durable over time and may wear thin in high-traffic areas.

However, while a high-pile carpet is more likely to retain hair, it’s also more comfortable for feet and paws alike and will provide additional protection from spills. Consider installing thicker carpet to take advantage of these qualities, but be prepared for a periodic deep clean to remove built-up hair and debris.


A traditional carpeting material, wool is luxuriant for humans and pets and comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors. It’s also tough and long-lasting, and the density of its individual fibers tends to keep cat hairs on the surface where they can be easily cleaned up.

However, wool also typically comes with a hefty price tag, so for more budget-conscious pet-owners, alternatives such as polyester or nylon carpeting offer many of the benefits of wool at a fraction of the price. These synthetic materials are tough enough to resist wear and tear from claws and movement. While polyester is naturally water- and stain-resistant, nylon is available with stain-resistance treatments to make accidents and discoloration less troublesome.


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