As your loved ones get older, age and increasing health challenges can affect their lifestyle. A house that was the right size for an adult, a couple, or a family may be too large for them to live in comfortably. For effective senior care to keep them healthy and comfortable, watch for these signs they may need to move to a smaller home in a retirement community.

Why Encourage Your Loved One to Move?

1. They Need Company or Assistance

For some older adults, their senior care needs include only a daily or weekly check-in. However, others may require intensive medical care and round-the-clock monitoring. The more help your loved one needs, the more practical it is to move them to assisted living. Even if their medical needs aren't that complex, it can get lonely in a big empty house. In that case, being a part of a community is crucial for their mental health, which, in turn, has effects on their physical health.

Senior Care2. They Have Mobility Problems

The more difficulty your loved one has moving around and doing daily tasks, the harder it is to take care of a big home. Even if they have help with cleaning, they may have difficulty with walking too much or using stairs. A smaller space is more comfortable for someone whose mobility or energy levels make a large one hard to navigate.

3. Finances

Once your loved one has retired, they may be living on a fixed income or drawing from savings. This means rent, a mortgage payment, or property taxes that were once manageable may now be too great a burden. This doesn’t count what they might have to spend on senior care expenses, such as doctor’s visits. While it may be an uncomfortable topic to bring up, point out that downsizing means lower living costs that work better on a tight budget.


If it's time for your loved one to make a change, talk to them about Longhorn Village in Austin, TX. Serving Travis County, this five-star-rated senior care community offers Life Care plans to ensure unlimited access to health care at a fixed rate no matter what the future holds. Visit them online to learn more about their amenities—including indoor heated pools, a day spa, and art and recreation classes. To ask about availability, call (512) 266-5600.