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Turpin Farms
3295 Turpin Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45244

About Turpin Farms

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There is a reason Turpin Farms has been in business for over 230 years. With a commitment to their turf products and a focus on customer satisfaction, this Cincinnati, OH, sod farm has an established reputation throughout the Midwest. Founded in 1785 by Phillip Turpin, Turpin Farms was settled on the rich, fertile soil of the Little Miami River bottoms. This incredible soil still produces strong, rich sod today, where the land produces more than 500 acres of top-quality turf annually.

Turpin Farms is the second oldest farm in Ohio that has been continuously owned by the same family. As members of the Ohio Turfgrass Association, Turfgrass Producers International, the U.S. Green Building Council, the Ohio Nursery & Landscape Association, the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, and the Ohio Farm Bureau, the farm stays up to date on all of the latest information, safety guidelines, and best growing practices.

In addition to being the exclusive provider of Harmony Turfgrass throughout Cincinnati and northern Kentucky, Turpin Farms also offers other top-quality sod mixes. Some of these options include Extreme Sports Turf, Low Impact Turf, Double Eagle Fescue Blend, and even Regenerate IRT Turfgrass, which is bred and tilled to be drought-resistant, dense, and durable.

This sod farm is also dedicated to protecting the environment by being 100% insecticide-free. One of the driving reasons behind the decision to avoid traditional pesticides like neonicotinoids is that these chemicals have been shown to damage the bee population, potentially harming future farmers’ opportunities to develop strong, healthy crops.

Turpin Farms offers turfgrass orders available in small and bulk quantities, fulfilling the needs of business owners, large government building projects, and homeowners alike. With convenient delivery and haul-away options, the sod farm makes it easy for anyone to create a lush, green landscape. For more information about Turpin Farms’ turfgrass or to place an order for delivery, visit them online or call (513) 561-2621.