If there’s one local dish you should try in Hawaii, it’s poke. Originally made with fresh ahi (tuna), sea salt, and limu (seaweed), the dish has transformed over the years to include many tasty variations. Each type has its own unique flavors, and at Poke & Box, you can create a custom meal. For Honolulu visitors new to the experience, this local restaurant explains five common ways to eat poke.

Different Types of Poke You Can’t Miss

1. Spicy

For those who love seafood with a kick, spicy poke is the way to go. Tofu and ahi are popular proteins to spice up, and you can round them off with crisp PokeBoxTops™ like purple cabbage, choy sum, or ocean salad. Choose from three levels of heat for your PokeBoxSauce™: mild spicy, hot spicy, and very spicy.

2. Shoyu

One of the most popular varieties, shoyu (soy sauce) poke is a sweet and savory delight. Order fresh salmon as your PokeBoxMix™, then top it with shoyu or Aja spicy shoyu. Give it a tropical flair with pineapple, masago, and nori seaweed flakes. Once you give it a try, it’s easy see why shoyu poke is a Hawaiian favorite!

3. Hawaiian Style

As its name suggests, this form of poke was the first popular version of the dish served in Hawaii, created by locals during the 1970s. Hawaiian style generally consists of fresh ahi, seaweed, and Hawaiian sea salt. Feel free to go off-menu and add or remove ingredients to suit your tastes.

4. Wasabi

pokePrepared with a tantalizing wasabi mustard, wasabi poke is another variant for those who prefer their seafood spicy. The freshness of poke is reminiscent of a big bowl of sashimi, and adding wasabi is an excellent way to play off of those flavors. White rice, sesame, nori flakes, pickled ginger, and masago are the perfect additions to tie this style together.

5. Limu

Poke is also popular because it’s an incredibly healthy, not to mention delicious, meal. Limu poke is an especially notable dish because seaweed is packed with essential nutrients. Paired with a creamy sesame PokeBoxSauce™, seaweed, and fresh ahi, this tasty dish is a filling meal you can feel good about eating.

For a taste of Hawaii, come to Poke & Box. Their fast and affordable meals never sacrifice quality, and all ingredients are served fresh. Create your own flavors by customizing your poke box, or stick with one of these tried-and-true styles. You’ll have a mouthwatering meal full of healthy fixings no matter what you choose. Browse their menu options online, or call (808) 394-7633 with questions.