Whether you’re downsizing, decluttering, or demolishing a home, a dumpster rental allows you to dispose of everything easily. However, if you underestimate how much you must toss, don’t resort to overfilling the unit. Instead, empty it before throwing away more items. Below is more information about why you should avoid overfilling a dumpster, as well as safe practices to follow.

The Dangers of Overfilled Dumpsters

After the delivery of your dumpster rental, you will receive a list of guidelines for using it, one of which will be to avoid overfilling it. If any debris extends above the walls of the unit, both you and the removal crew will be at risk. For example, if the items shift as you fill it, those that are precariously high could fall out and damage the property or injure your workers.

dumpster rentalAdditionally, if the dumpster contains too much, the removal crew cannot secure the items with a tarp cover before transporting it. As such, debris could fly out on the road, potentially hitting other vehicles and causing accidents. 

How to Fill a Dumpster Safely

Generally, you should load the biggest, bulkiest items in the dumpster first, and then fill in the spaces between them with smaller items. Before starting, review the specific guidelines for your dumpster rental, and set aside any prohibited items. For example, the rental company will likely prohibit hazardous waste, harsh chemicals, and appliances that contain a refrigerant, such as air conditioners. 

Review the weight limits closely, as well. A heavy dumpster is as dangerous as an overfilled one because the removal crew cannot transport it safely if it exceeds their truck’s capacity. You may not have an industrial scale, but try to track every item that you toss. This allows you to estimate the dumpster’s total weight when you finish filling it. 


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