If you want to modernize your home, start by upgrading the front door. This simple home remodeling project boosts curb appeal and makes an impression on anyone who visits your property. Use this guide to choose the best door for your needs and preferences. 

How to Choose a New Front Door

1. Learn About Common Materials

Entry doors come in three standard materials: wood, fiberglass, and steel. Wood is classic, attractive, and customizable with different stains and paints. But this material is susceptible to water damage or rot, so it requires some hands-on care. 

Fiberglass is a popular option because of its durability and energy efficiency. However, these doors won't work for older homes with non-standard doorframe sizes since custom cuts are rare. Steel doors are highly secure and affordable, but like fiberglass doors, non-standard sizes may be tough to find. 

2. Consider Your Home's Style 


Older homes tend to have distinctive styles, like craftsman, colonial, traditional, and farmhouse. Each has a different set of architectural elements that make it unique. Unless you feel confident about mixing styles, you'll likely want to choose a door that matches your home in color, style, and material. 

For example, a classic wood door with a nice stain is a popular choice for a colonial or traditional home. On a craftsman or farmhouse home, a wood or fiberglass door with a pop of color can add character and charm. Research the style of your home to learn which options are best for your new front door. 

3. Focus on Security

Ultimately, entry doors are meant to protect your home. Solid doors offer the most security since hollow doors can easily be broken or damaged. Additionally, the door should let you see who is outside with a window or peephole. The locks also impact the security of your front door. Along with traditional options like knobs and deadbolts, you can look into keyless pads for more convenience.


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