As a driver, you have a responsibility to maintain the integrity of your vehicle’s body. Doing so will add years to its life and prevent unexpected breakdowns and auto repairs. To help you care for your car properly, here are some basic do’s and don’ts.

How to Protect a Car’s Body


Park it carefully.

Watch where and how you park. You could end up at the auto repair shop if you park under a tree whose leaves and sap ruin its finish. Don’t pull into a space where shopping carts or other vehicles may ding it. Whenever possible, park in a garage to minimize exposure to damaging ultraviolet rays, hail, ice, and snowfall.

Wash it often.

auto repairsEstablish a car washing regimen to prevent the accumulation of dirt, grime, and debris that could mar its appearance. In winter, road salt is particularly corrosive to the finish. For best results, have the car wash clean the undercarriage.


Drive on tricky terrain.

Driving on unpaved roads may damage the body and send you to the auto repair shop for repainting. Gravel may scratch the surface, and mud and dirt that collect in the wheel wells trap corrosive moisture.

Ignore minor cosmetic issues.

Small cosmetic blemishes may eventually grow into costly problems. Minuscule dents that chip the paint set the stage for significant paint loss. Light scratches may develop into ones that are also more costly to repair. Buffing and light touch-ups will keep your car in pristine condition.


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