Commercial landscaping encompasses all aspects of your business's greenspaces, including the lawn and other plant life, water features, paths and walkways, patios, outdoor lighting, and retaining walls. A landscape professional designs, installs, and maintains these elements to provide several benefits for your business. Learn about a few of these advantages below.

How Commercial Landscaping Benefits Your Business

1. Increase Curb Appeal

Your company’s exterior is the first aspect potential customers see, and it represents the hard work of any number of people. When you implement and maintain the landscaping, customers get a positive first impression of your company. 

They see that you care about how the business looks and presents itself, so you will care about them and their needs as well. Increased curb appeal is the first step to increasing traffic to your business and to laying the groundwork for strong customer relationships.

2. Improve Worker Productivity


Looking at natural scenery can improve productivity levels because it provides a "recharge" for the brain, replenishing a worker's attention and increasing their productivity and performance. Just looking out the window at landscaped greenspaces can achieve these aims, though giving your employees somewhere to walk or rest outdoors—like a tree-lined path, a patio, or a gazebo—can further enhance feelings of rejuvenation.

3. Ensure Proper Long-Term Lawn Maintenance

How you take care of your business's lawn now will affect how it looks well into the future. Weeds, dead plants, and bare spots can be tended to and remedied. Proper irrigation and fertilization will keep the lawn healthy and vibrant for years to come. If there ever comes a time when you want to sell the business, beautiful landscaping can be an asset for buyers. 


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