When it comes to efficient heating and cooling, most people figure that they need to upgrade their furnace or air conditioner to the latest models, when an alternative system has been on the market for years: the heat pump. Heat pumps are designed to harness and move heat where it needs to go, keeping your home comfortable year round. Here is a brief guide for understanding heat pumps, and why you won’t regret your investment if you choose to install one.  

Understanding Heat Pumps

What Is a Heat Pump?

heat pumpHeat pumps use refrigerant lines in your home and outdoors to absorb heat and move it either inside or outside, depending on how you set your thermostat. Using a mechanical compression system, heat pumps are capable of moving refrigerant through underground pipes that collect heat from the sun, even on days when the weather is frosty.  During the summer, the indoor refrigerant lines absorb heat and move it outdoors, keeping your home cool and comfortable.

Why Should You Get One?

The biggest advantage of heat pumps is their incredible efficiency. In fact, modern heat pumps are so efficient that they have been shown to reduce electrical bills by as much as 50%—decreasing your carbon footprint and freeing up your budget. Heat pumps also have programmable timers and thermostats, giving homeowners the freedom to control their indoor climate like regular systems. Heat pumps are a great option for anyone who lives in a moderate climate and likes the idea of saving money on their heating and cooling costs.


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