Now that the warmer months have arrived, it’s time to ensure that your air conditioning system is ready to go. With the guidance of a top heating and cooling company, you’ll be able to relax comfortably throughout the season. Serving Bolivar, MO, David's Heating & Cooling has become known as the region’s premier HVAC company. If you need ductwork cleaning or a heat pump repair, you’ll always receive swift and effective service from the team of professionals.

Here are three suggestions on how to optimize your air conditioning for springtime. 

  • air conditioningChange the Filter: Neglecting to change your air conditioning filter is one of the most common errors that causes units to function inefficiently. After particles like dust and dirt clog up the filter, it becomes difficult for your machine to circulate the air, making it work much harder. 
  • Schedule an Inspection: After the long layoff of winter, a smart maintenance practice is to have a skilled crew like David's Heating & Cooling come to check on your system. They can test out the unit’s efficiency and pinpoint any tweaks that can improve output and contribute to higher air quality.   
  • Unclutter Debris: Now that all the snow has melted, you may discover piles of twigs and other detritus that have accumulated near your outdoor unit. Large buildups have the potential to hinder your machine from processing the outdoor air, causing strain that will increase wear and tear as well as your utility bills.  

Before it gets even warmer, schedule air conditioning service with David's Heating & Cooling. You can make an appointment by dialing (417) 326-4822. Learn more about the company by visiting their website