Heating and cooling ducts are the parts of your HVAC system that circulate heated or cooled air to each section of the house. When they aren’t kept cleaned and maintained, they can’t do their job as effectively. Not only will this raise your heating and cooling bills, but it could even circulate dirty air throughout your home. That’s why David’s Heating & Cooling, a top HVAC contractor in Bolivar, MO, is here to let you know when you need to clean your ducts.

Has It Been a While?

If your ducts haven’t been cleaned in two or more years, there’s a good chance they need it. Heating and cooling repair companies recommend a ductwork cleaning every few years to ensure ducts stay clear and your heating and cooling systems are in top working order.

Watch Out for Clouds & Monitor Buildup

heating-and-coolingWatch one of your ducts as your HVAC system fires up. Do you see small clouds of dust puff out? If so, those ducts are releasing allergens, bacteria, and dust into the air, and you need them cleaned ASAP. You can also look at the duct grill, and see if it’s coated in dust or dander. Buildup on the grill suggests it might be time for a cleaning. If you still aren’t sure, you can use a screwdriver to remove the grill and peek inside with a flashlight. A coating of dust inside is a sure sign you need an HVAC contractor to clean it.

Check Filters

HVAC air filters catch dust so that it isn’t pushed into the air inside your home. Pull out your filters and, if they’re matted with dust, it’s time for a ductwork cleaning.

Allergy and asthma sufferers will want to get their ducts cleaned more often, as they are more sensitive to the contaminants that build up inside. If you’re a sufferer or you’ve noticed the above signs, call the friendly, knowledgeable experts at David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar at (417) 326-4822. As a licensed HVAC contractor offering 24/7 emergency service, they’re the area’s best HVAC specialists. For more information on their ductwork cleaning services, visit their website.