If you want to save money this summer, then David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, recommends starting with your air conditioning system. In order to maximize energy efficiency and eliminate waste, you should schedule an inspection with a certified heating and cooling contractor. By doing so, you can lower the cost of your utility bills without having to sacrifice your family’s comfort this season.

How to Minimize Heating & Cooling Costs

Replace Filters

heating and coolingThe air filter in your heating and cooling unit is designed to prevent dust and debris from entering your system, thus clogging up ventilation and affecting functionality. By replacing these filters before summer arrives, you can decrease energy usage and improve indoor air quality at the same time.

Install Insulation

A poorly-insulated home will allow cooled air to escape through ceilings and walls, while hot air penetrates the roof and siding to drive up indoor temperatures. Hire a heating and cooling contractor to conduct an energy audit to find out if you have enough insulation in your home.

Inspect Thermostat

An older thermostat can trigger your air conditioning system to come on when it’s unnecessary. By calibrating your device every year, you can guarantee that the temperature reading is correct and that sensors work.

Utilize Fans

Finding ways to improve ventilation will enable you to rely less on your cooling unit. When you’re in a room, switch on the ceiling fans and watch your utility bills slowly decrease. This is especially true if you rely on a central HVAC system.

The secret to saving on your heating and cooling bills is using your air conditioning system wisely and ensuring that there is no waste. To schedule an inspection with the HVAC contractors at David’s Heating & Cooling, call (417) 326-4822 or visit them online for an overview of their services.