You may already know that at least every couple months, you need to change your air conditioning filter. Even though this task is relatively quick and easy, it’s easy to forget for many homeowners. You may not initially notice the negative consequences of failing to change your filter, but it won’t take long before you do. The experts from David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, explain why your HVAC air filter is so important.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Filters

Quality Air

air-conditionerTake a look at your air conditioning filter. If it’s full of dirt, dust, and debris, you have a problem. This debris doesn’t just stay there—it moves throughout your system and into your home. Especially for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, an influx of dirt, dust, and pollen can be a serious health hazard. An unclean filter may also introduce mold and other harmful irritants into your home. 

System Longevity

Not only will this debris harm your family, but it can also harm your HVAC system. The extra material will essentially clog your system, causing it to work much harder than it should. An overworked system means parts that erode faster, and a higher risk of malfunctions that necessitate repairs. Meanwhile, when you simply clean your air conditioning filter, your HVAC system will last as long as possible.


An HVAC system working in overdrive often leads to a sky-high utility bill. Every month you fail to clean it, your energy bill may climb a little higher. Before you know it, you’ve wasted a bundle of energy and money—and you may have to replace the entire mechanism altogether.

Save yourself time, trouble, and money by simply caring for your air conditioning filter today. To learn more about HVAC maintenance and repairs, contact the friendly team at David’s Heating & Cooling. Call the HVAC contractor today at (417) 326-4822 or check out their website to learn more.