Air conditioning systems get a workout when outside temperatures heat up, and it can show in their efficiency. As specialists with more than 20 years of experience in HVAC services, the team at David’s Heating & Cooling often receives calls from residents in the Southwest Missouri area looking for tips on how to make their air conditioners more efficient in the summer. That’s why they’ve compiled this guide, providing some insight on how to keep your home comfortable without driving your utility costs up.

Guide to Air Conditioning Efficiency

Why Isn’t My Air Conditioner Cooling My Home?

air conditioningMany factors can affect an air conditioner’s efficiency. The most common reason air conditioning systems fail to cool a room or house is because of poor maintenance. When filters become dirty, they can disrupt the flow of air. Refrigerant leaks are another possible cause. Routine inspections and service can spot problems before they escalate and improve the efficiency of HVAC systems through cleanings and maintenance.

How Can I Make My System More Efficient?

The most obvious way is to schedule regular maintenance tuneups for your heating and cooling system. You should also set your thermostat to a desired temperature and leave it at that setting. Changing the setting frequently can put a strain on your HVAC system, and it doesn’t speed up cooling down your home. You can also try closing your curtains more often, keeping the sun’s direct rays from entering your home. Additionally, it’s a good idea to position your air conditioner out of the sun, ideally on the north side of your home.

No matter what type of air conditioning system you have, the crew at David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, can perform tuneups and inspections to keep it running at peak efficiency. To schedule service, call (417) 326-4822, or visit their website to learn more about their services.