Air conditioning makes a huge difference in our lives. During the summer, it fills our houses with cool air while temperatures soar outside. To ensure that it stays in working order, homeowners should perform proper upkeep throughout the year, especially in winter. Taking a few, simple preparedness steps for the cold months will pay off in a big way and increase your system’s life span.

Air Conditioning Winter Preparedness

Clean Before Winter

Before you bundle everything in insulation before the first freeze, clean off the animal droppings, dirt, and grunge that can clog components if left unattended. This will help keep insects from choosing your system as their winter home, and will also keep you from having to perform heavy cleaning in the spring.

Protect Your System From Water

heating and coolingIt’s important not to let water run through your air conditioning during the months when it might freeze and crack the pipes. To ensure this doesn’t happen, flip the switch on the electrical circuit to turn it off. Also, even if you use a cover, it’s a good idea to check the system every week or so to brush off water, snow, and ice before it leaks inside.

Insulate Your System

Insulating your system can help protect its vital components from weather damage. To start, you’ll want to find a covering that can be placed over the unit while leaving about a foot of space. This prevents moisture from getting trapped underneath. You’ll also want to insulate any exposed pipes using foam pipe covers. Use duct tape or another means of securing the covers to make sure they don’t blow off.


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