All through the winter, your furnace is the only thing keeping your home warm and comfortable—so when it breaks down, you need repairs fast. But many homeowners aren’t familiar with the mechanics of a furnace and may not know much about the repair process. If you’re unsure of what to do, here are a few of the basic things you need to know about getting your furnace repaired.

Furnace Repair Questions

How Can I Tell if My Furnace Needs Repairs?

Sometimes a problem is obvious, as the furnace completely stops running or fails to provide enough heat. But there are also other signs it’s time for a repair to prevent a full breakdown. If your heating system turns on and off frequently, doesn’t come on when the temperature dips, makes unusual noises, produces unpleasant smells, or starts costing more than usual to run, you likely have a problem that an HVAC contractor can solve.

Can I Fix It Myself?

Before you call your contractor, there are a few things you can do yourself to get your furnace running again. Check the pilot light and relight it if necessary to get your heater running again. You can also check the air filter and change it if needed. However, problems with the burners, fans, and fuel supply are better left to an expert.

How Often Will I Need Furnace Maintenance?

FurnaceThe older your furnace gets, the more attention it will need to keep it running correctly. For a furnace under ten years old, you should schedule a maintenance visit at least every two years to prevent breakdowns and keep the system running efficiently. After that, you should schedule maintenance at least once a year—but you may find you need repairs more frequently.


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