As the seasons turn and the weather warms up, it’s almost time to switch off your furnace and start up your air conditioning system for the year. But after a long period of inactivity, your HVAC system may not be in top shape. To make sure everything is running properly and ensure your system will do its job smoothly throughout the season, you should follow these steps to prepare it for the season.

How to Prepare Your Air Conditioning System for Summer

1. Remove the Outdoor Unit Cover

If you prepared your outdoor unit correctly for winter, it’s been sitting under a cover all season. Before you turn your system on, remove this cover. Otherwise, your AC’s airflow will be blocked, putting unnecessary strain on the system and preventing it from doing its job.

2. Clear Away Debris

Cover or no, your outdoor unit has likely accumulated some amount of dust, dirt, and plant debris over the last few months. Clean these out carefully, and trim plants back from the unit to ensure the air can flow freely.

3. Clean Ducts & Filters

Inside the home can be just as dusty as outside. Check your air conditioning system’s filters and clean or replace them as necessary. This is also a good time to have your ducts checked and cleaned, so you can avoid blowing dust and allergens into your home.

4. Check Your Thermostat Battery

Your thermostat may rely on a battery for power or to keep the unit on and preserve your settings during a power outage. You need to check the battery’s level at least yearly, and your springtime transition to cooling is a good time to do it.

5. Schedule Yearly Maintenance

Air ConditioningTo get the best performance out of your air conditioner and prevent unexpected problems, you should schedule a visit from your HVAC technician once a year. Schedule this visit for the spring, and you can resolve any problems your technician finds before the weather heats up.


With care and preparation, you can ensure your air conditioner will work correctly during the coming year and extend its useful life span. Start your yearly maintenance today to get the best AC performance this summer. David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, serves all homes within a 50-mile radius with 24-hour heating and air conditioning service. Owner David Alexander is the only HVAC provider in the area with a Master’s license in air conditioning. To schedule maintenance, installation, or repairs, call (417) 326-4822 or schedule online.