During the summer months, no appliance has a greater impact on your family’s comfort than your air conditioning system. As such, it’s only natural that you would want to avoid any maintenance or repair issues that would keep it from working properly. But how can you keep your system in top shape throughout the summer? David’s Heating & Cooling in Bolivar, MO, has your answers below.

Air Conditioning Repair FAQ

What Maintenance Do I Need to Do?

Air conditioners are relatively easy to maintain. To keep your system performing at peak capacity, keep outdoor units free of leaves and other debris. You should also replace the air filter every 90 days and inspect refrigerant lines on a regular basis.

How Can I Avoid Overworking My AC?

air conditioningIn addition to keeping up with regular maintenance, a few simple practices will ensure you don’t overuse your air conditioner. Turning up the thermostat and using ceiling fans are a great way to save energy. Keep blinds shut during the day to keep outdoor heat where it belongs.

What Should I Do if My Unit Stops Working?

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t seem to be working, check your thermostat and all circuit breakers and power switches that could affect the system. Some units can also be fixed by pressing a “reset” switch. If these easy fixes don’t solve the problem, call for professional help.

Are There Any Repairs I Can Do Myself?

Your air conditioner is a complicated machine with many interrelated parts. Unqualified work could easily result in further damage to your system. Aside from routine maintenance and cleaning, you should leave the rest of the work to the experts.

By enlisting the help of professional HVAC contractors, you can keep your air conditioning system in great condition for many years to come. With more than 10 years in business, the licensed team at David’s Heating & Cooling is available 24 hours a day to assist with any maintenance problems you might experience. To learn more about their heating and cooling repair services, visit them online or call (417) 326-4822.