If your air conditioning unit fails to reach its cooling capacity, a problem with the outside portion of the system, or condenser unit, could be to blame. Several factors can restrict airflow, resulting in reduced comfort inside your space. Below is a brief guide to diagnosing causes for weak airflow and how to remedy the issues.

Common Reasons an Air Conditioning System’s Airflow Is Restricted

Coils Are Covered in Debris

The condenser unit is responsible for taking the heat absorbed inside your home and releasing it into the outside air. The dirt and debris blown around by the condenser unit can collect on the coils over time. When this happens, it becomes difficult to transfer heat to the outside air. With nowhere to go, the heat could flow back inside your home. Look at the unit to see if mud, fallen leaves, or additional debris is caked on the surface. If so, HVAC technicians can open the unit to see if the coils need to be cleaned.

Fins Are Bent or Broken

Condenser coil fins help release heat from the refrigerant. If the fins were bent during routine maintenance or when something hits the condenser unit, the resulting damage could restrict air from flowing through the system. The fins are located on the outside of the system and can restrict airflow if they are bent or crushed. Call a heating and cooling repair specialist to investigate, as they can examine equipment and replace the broken components. 

Capacitors Are Blown

air-conditioningIf condenser unit capacitors aren’t working properly, other mechanical components will also experience problems. It’s a capacitor’s job to store energy and feed it to motors during every cooling cycle. The extra energy gives motors enough power to run continuously. If capacitors overheat or short-circuit, they can’t supply motors with energy, resulting in diminished air quality. If you notice a burning smell near the condenser unit, call an HVAC specialist to investigate, as burnt capacitors could be to blame for the stench. 


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