As summer turns to fall, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the mild weather and invest in heating and cooling system maintenance. Being proactive now ensures the heater will keep your family warm during the winter and prepare the air conditioner for the following summer. Here’s brief outline of what you need to do this season.

How to Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System This Autumn

1. Change the Filters

Both air conditioners and furnaces have filters that improve airflow and block dirt and debris from affecting the system’s interior components and entering your home. Over time, the filters can get dirty to the point of becoming clogged; this increases your risks of reduced airflow and mechanical problems and reduces indoor air quality and efficiency. Replacing the filters helps you avoid these problems and keep your family healthy and comfortable.

2. Schedule an Inspection

heating and cooling Bolivar MOAt least once a year, have a professional tune up the HVAC components. They will ensure the system works efficiently and inform you of of small issues that might turn into bigger problems later on, giving you the opportunity to address them early. Scheduling an appointment now lets you take advantage of the slow season for both heating and cooling, since you are less likely to use either system. You’ll have the flexibility to get the most convenient time and day.

3. Check the Insulation

While Missouri homes need basic insulation, certain areas are vulnerable to heat loss and benefit from upgrades. Cold and hot air escape through tiny cracks around the windows and doorways, forcing your HVAC system to work harder to keep you comfortable. Look for drafts and seal them with caulking. Attics and basements are most prone to heat loss, so look for insulation products designed for spaces with unique thermal requirements to upgrade your home’s defenses.


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